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Jordan Thibodeau and Samara Veler

Jordan Thibodeau is an avid connector and member of the Mergers and Acquisitions team at a major Fortune 500 tech company. He’s also the community manager of Silicon Valley Investors Club, an investment community for tech professionals. Jordan has interviewed top talent such as Ray Dalio, Tim Ferriss, Ben Horowitz, Anne Wojcicki, and Ryan Holiday. His interviews and blog posts can be found at He also has a monthly newsletter called Investors Therapy.

Samara Veler is the editor in chief of Silicon Valley Investors Club. Before majoring in linguistics at the University of Washington, Samara graduated with highest honors from Everett Community College, earning her Associate in Arts and Sciences (DTA) one day before graduating with high honors from Everett High School in 2013. Samara lives in Seattle, Washington, with her beautiful and affectionate cat, Harmony.