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Mindfulness in Nature for Well-Being and Connection

Nature is the original mindfulness teacher… Discover how nature-based meditation creates a deep and meaningful relationship with the environment while nourishing the nervous system and awakening creativity. Through a guided progression of both sitting and moving meditations, enjoy nourishing sensory practices that connect you to the Nature within and around you.

The audio sessions are inspired by ancient Earth wisdom, complemented with insights from modern perceptual research. Explore Nature's language through the primal power of the senses, which become a doorway into the gifts of each moment.

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Created by Josh Lane
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Author of the #1 best-selling meditation book, "Conscious Nature: The Art & Neuroscience of Meditating in Nature," Josh has mentored and trained people of all ages around the world for the past twenty years in the inner and outer arts of mindful, whole-being connection with Nature.

Bringing forward a depth of experience from his journeys in the realms of ancient Earth connection skills, Qi Gong, and meditation, Josh's vision is to help bridge the healing power of Nature into the modern experience, enlivening creativity and well-being through a conscious, primal connection with the Earth.