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25 Best Practices of Webinar Presenting

To be an effective and successful webinar presenter, you need to know how to overcome the challenges involved in conveying information to an audience you can't see. You also have to make critical decisions regarding the technical aspects of your webinar setup, and you need to understand how best to engage and interact with an online audience.

Whether you're new to webinar presenting or an old pro, this course will provide you with 25 fundamental tips and tricks to ensure your online presentations are compelling, persuasive, and professional. Apply these best practices to any type of webinar presentation—from lead generation to education—and turn your webinars from snoozefests into truly rewarding events for both you and your attendees.

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Dave Clark is the founder of Clark Webinar Consulting, providing personalized, solution-oriented expertise and support to help businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations benefit from and deliver professional webinars. With over 10 years of hands-on webinar experience, CWC provides a wide range of webinar-related solutions including complete webinar production and support services.

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