Discover a New Side of Your Personality through Language Learning

Learning a new language is life-changing. Studies have already identified many benefits of language learning, especially for your brain and your health. The list of benefits is long, but that's not the subject of this course.

In this course, we will talk about how learning a new language can be a great tool to discover yourself because language learning is deeply related to identity and personality. The purpose of these ten lessons is to help you bring awareness back into your learning and to get you to see what is going on inside from a holistic perspective. Together, we will see how to take a new look at language learning and to lay the foundations for an exciting self-discovery.

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Created by Coralie Puyau
10 lessons
1h 22m
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Trained in communication - first visual, then transmedia, and, finally, in tutoring French as a second language, Coralie Puyau is a French learning designer who is fascinated by intercultural and institutional communication. Her mission is to promote French culture and language, but, more broadly, she advocates for all language learning, because this learning allows for an open mind and a heart conducive to creating a more tolerant world.

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