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Routine Building: Making It Fun

This lesson is a part of an audio course Routine Building 101 by Ashley Brown

Making your routine fun is the last consideration when creating your routine but it’s definitely not the least. Fun is a must when it comes to creating your routine. To exclude fun in your routine is to exclude fun in life. No one wants to do a boring routine. You will be doing your routine often and to keep it that way, making your routine fun is needed.

Anytime someone asks me how I stick to routines, I always say because I make them fun. This is a common mistake many people make during routine building. They focus so much on making their routine productive that they ignore making it fun. During my trial and error phase with building routines, I noticed that if my routines lacked enjoyment, they didn’t last. This was a major insight that has changed the way I create routines today and has had a huge impact on my life. Really want your routine to last this time around, be sure it sparks joy for you.

I have a few tips that can help with this. There are a few things you can do to make your routine fun. The first is to add actions that are fun for you. I know anytime I sit down to create any type of self care routine, I always include actions that I enjoy doing. When creating a new routine, it can make the transition easier when you know you will find joy in your routine. Unfortunately, there will be routines where the actions are just not fun, like doing the laundry. Maybe it’s just me but putting clothes into the washer and dryer doesn't spark much joy. If you are creating a routine where the actions can’t be changed to be more enjoyable, this next tip will help.

Another way to make your routine fun is to pair it with other activities that you enjoy. If you enjoy listening to music, you could turn on your favorite playlist while you clean the bathroom. Maybe you’ve been wanting to catch up on your favorite show, you could turn it on while you fold clothes. If you’re a coffee lover like me, I know I enjoy drinking coffee when I’m doing my weekly planning routine. Other fun activities you can think about pairing with your routine include lighting a candle, talking to your bestie on the phone, raising the shades to let in light, having your family help, or using items that you enjoy, I mean this list could go on and on.

Think about ways you like to have fun. If you can, pull out a sheet of paper and make a list. Are there actions you can add to your routine that you enjoy? Which fun activity could you pair with your routine to make it more exciting? Enjoyment is key to a lasting routine.

OMG, you’re almost to the end of the course. Time to move on to the maintenance phase, the last phase of routine building. In this lesson, I’ll be sharing three actions you can take to have lasting success with the routine you start.

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Ashley Brown