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Setting Goals

This lesson is a part of an audio course How to Finish your Goals by Ana Maria Matamoros

First of all, to achieve your goals, you have to DECIDE what you want.

80% of the population doesn't set goals.

16% have goals, but don't write them down.

3% writes them down, and then forgets about them.

1% writes them and reviews them frequently, and is, therefore, the 1% most millionaire.

That is the power of setting goals correctly.

Let your environment support you in achieving those goals.

The Law of Attraction doesn't give you what you want. It gives you who you are.

Step into that next version of yourself. Start believing that it's possible for you too.

Start acting like it, FEEL IT in your soul. How will you feel and look when you have achieved your goal? Where are you going to be? Who are you going to be with? What will your home look like? You can start now working towards your vision by putting on real clothes and not yoga pants, making your bed, and decluttering and organizing your home.

Make a vision board. A vision board is a collection of images that represent things that you want in your life. Do it on Pinterest, or use drawing or photos, whatever you prefer. The brain remembers 65% more in images. Doing an art project engages the unconscious part of your brain and bypasses our logical part.

Are you setting the right-sized goals?

It's great to have big, audacious goals, but it's better yet if they're achievable.

You should be able to stretch and reach where you haven't gone before, but they should be possible.

If you haven't exercised in decades, and you decide that you want to run an IronMan in 2 months, it's very probable that you will give up before your start.

On the other hand, if you say you're going to run your first 5k in 2 months, you'll be able to download the app called: "From couch to 5k" and follow a proven program that will help you achieve your goal.

Once you complete it, you'll have stretched your muscles, and you'll be able to pursue a larger goal, for example, to run 10k…then half a marathon, etc.

The same goes for every other goal, before you put "Make 1 million" in your vision board, go make your first $10,000 and start increasing from there.

Having the right-sized goals in place doesn't mean that we have to settle, it means that we're more likely to reach them sooner because the finish line is closer, and we won't get discouraged as easily.

Which is your Breakthrough Goal?

Most of the time, we set goals in different areas of our life, but if we look closely, there is one area that matters the most to us, that feels the most urgent.

Being able to focus and prioritize that goal, doesn't mean that we won't achieve the rest.

On the contrary, we need to gain momentum in one area of our lives in order to start shifting the rest.

For example: losing weight and becoming healthy can be our breakthrough goal. By prioritizing it, we will wake up earlier, exercise, eat better, feel more energized, be in a better mood and therefore act more confident, get more done, be more organized, work better and earn more money.

What do you need to support your breakthrough goal?

It may be enrolling in a course, hiring a mentor, accountability, or group support.

Having milestones along the way, and celebrating each step is how we finish our big, lofty goals.

"God never gave you a vision without the provision." —Iyanla Vanzant

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Written by

Ana Maria Matamoros