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The Difference Between Want and Commit

This lesson is a part of an audio course How to Finish your Goals by Ana Maria Matamoros

There is a huge difference between want and commit.

We all want more money, more fame, to be slimmer, a bigger house, a better job, a partner, etc.

But COMMITTING to make these things happen is a whole other level. It means that we will take action, accept rejections, move past our failures, keep trying, over and over again, UNTIL we achieve what we want regardless of how long it takes.

To be able to commit to our goals, we need to install new beliefs and new habits.

New beliefs:

  • Why not me? Is there another person that has done it before?

  • The Universe has my back.

  • I receive unexpected help and blessings.

  • Remember: everything in the material world is 1st created on the level of thought. You will bring into reality that which you believe you can.

New habits:

  • How would this future person act/ eat/ work/ dress like?

  • Start adopting the habits of the person that you want to become.

Eliminate excuses, such as: "I'm too old, too young, too fat, too thin, too uneducated, etc.

Instead, look for evidence of people that have made it big despite their obstacles, upbringing, looks, income level, and lack of opportunities.

Open the door to possibilities, and say, "What would happen if…." and let yourself dream your new reality.

It's very probable that whatever you want in life, someone else has done it, knows how, knows somebody, or a book or a resource, you can google it, be mentored, or you can learn it on your own….Or, as Marie Forleo likes to say, "Everything is Figureoutable."

Connect with your BIG WHY.

There has to be a very important reason for you to go through all that effort of achieving a goal. When pursuing your goals gets really tough, when you lose motivation, when you feel like quitting, connect with that reason behind your goal. What is the feeling that you want to achieve? Who are you doing it for? Why? Is it really your goal?

Connecting with your BIG WHY will pull you through those times when you feel like giving up and will help you get across the finish line.

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Written by

Ana Maria Matamoros