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Choosing the Right Routine

This lesson is a part of an audio course Routine Building 101 by Ashley Brown

In this lesson you’ll learn which routine is best for you to start right now. Choosing the right routine is crucial to your success but it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. I’m going to share what can make this process smoother so you can begin to get clear on which routine is best for you.

To simplify the process, it can be helpful to think about your routines in five categories. Each category reflects a specific area of your home or life that when managed with ease can contribute to significant joy. It’s possible you may hear a category that doesn’t apply to your life and if so, it is okay to leave it out.

The five routine categories include cooking, cleaning, children, self care, and planning. Cooking, cooking includes the actions you take in order to feed yourself and/or your family. From planning your meals to prepare, think about which actions are associated with cooking. Cleaning, cleaning includes the actions you take to clean and organize your home. This can be daily cleaning tasks or weekly cleaning tasks. Children, the children category includes activities that make up the child’s day from morning to night. This includes activities you do with your kids, activities they do with others, or activities they do alone. Self Care, self care involves the numerous ways in which you care for yourself, whether physically, mentally, or spiritually. And last but not least is Planning. This category includes any sort of planning activities and preparation for work, school, or travel.

You can decide which of these categories you would find helpful to create a routine around. Here are a couple of questions you can answer to make your decision. Which area of your life is currently causing you the most frustration or anxiety? Or if you could have more peace of mind in a certain area of your life right now, which area would it be? These questions can point you in the right direction. If you find yourself still struggling to decide, I suggest starting with the category that will require the least amount of effort to get up and going.

Once you know which category you want to start with, it doesn’t end here. There are a range of routines you can create within each category so now it’s time to choose a specific routine to focus on. Specificity helps with clarity when creating your routine as well as makes transitioning to a new routine easier. For example, if you choose to start with the cooking category, you may want to start a meal planning routine. Or if you decide to focus on your self care, you could choose to start a bedtime routine. Take your time with this and once you have narrowed your focus to a specific routine, you can move on to lesson 3 where you’ll move into the creation phase and learn how to keep your routine simple.

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Ashley Brown