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Harmony Tarrant

I am a medical cannabis patient located in the state of California. I have a disability that causes chronic pain, and it got so bad that I couldn't even walk short distances without falling, or without being in excruciating pain. Over the counter, meds weren't helping, and I came across medical cannabis topic on my newsfeed one day. I started to research about it, thinking it could be a better alternative to manage my pain. I watched videos and documentaries, read articles on Leafly and even science journals about the plant. I researched because of curiosity and kept researching because I found the plant fascinating. It got to the point where when I finally went to dispensaries, I knew more than my budtenders when it came to the plant. Cannabis does help with my pain a lot. I seldom use a cane anymore. I want to educate others on the plant, and how to use it, so you know what you're consuming and how to use it safely.