Author Photo Joined in 2021

Michelle Darbro and Jackie Kan

Michelle Darbro has been teaching karate and self-defense since before she received her black belt in 1984. She started training in 1979 and obtained a 9th-degree black belt under Master Joseph Kelljchian in USA Goju Federation Karate. She considers herself a lifelong student and presently hosts a podcast called Wildcatdojo Conversations.

Sensei Jackie came to karate in adulthood, after a personal tragedy. She immediately felt a kinship with both the style and the teachers. Through diligent training and many adventures, she has attained the rank of 5th-degree black belt in the USA Goju Federation; a traditional Japanese karate style. She holds continuous internal growth, technical excellence, and, of course, self-defense as important tenets in her students and herself. Being a part of this course was challenging and rewarding.

Courses taught by Michelle Darbro and Jackie Kan