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Clara Starr

Clara Starr grew up in the country of East Anglia in the UK. When she wasn't at school, she was exploring the beaches, rivers, and forests near her family's farm. The experience of spending time immersed in the wild inspired a deep love of nature.

Fast forward to adulthood. After seven years working for a national news network in the United States, Clara had burned out. The stress of deadlines, exposure to the news, and working the night shift had wreaked havoc on her health and sleep pattern. At this time in her life, she decided to move away from the city to the mountains of Western North Carolina. Here she reconnected with nature and slowly healed her well-being, sleep disorder, and sense of self.

Clara's meditation podcast series "Your Sleep Guru" was inspired by her experience of being revived by the natural world and the wish to share this experience to help others relax and sleep. To date, the series has helped thousands and thousands of people all over the world.