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Gayle H. Swift and Joann DiStefano

Gayle Swift is a co-founder of GIFT (Growing Intentional Families Together), an adoption coach, and an adoptive parent. She writes both the GIFT blog and a children’s book blog (Writing to Connect) that reviews general-interest books through an Adoption Attuned lens. Gayle's articles have been featured on,, Portrait of Adoption, and more. Her award-winning books support adoptive families in their quest to be their best.

Joann DiStefano, BA, JD, MLS, CPC, MCNLP, is also a co-founder of GIFT, an adoption coach, and an adoptive parent. After parenting two adopted children with challenges, Joann has come to recognize that becoming aware of her own unresolved issues and patterns has helped her in being a better mother to her children. With her certifications and training, Joann has learned how to help families with techniques that can assist them in becoming aware of their patterns and unresolved issues for stronger connections and attunement.