How to Stay Energized All Day (Be It 10 Am or 10 Pm)

This program is about using your Inner Power to stay energized at all times. Inner Power, as the words suggest, is about aligning one’s body mind and spirit to live in harmony. While the natural consequences of that are sustained health and happiness, the techniques you will learn here will also help improve your focus and concentration, relationships, and significantly reduce stress.

You will pick up numerous biohacks to make life organized, efficient, and productive by communing with universal energy. And peers will suddenly start complimenting your wisdom in making decisions and planning projects.

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Created by Sandeep Nath
10 lessons
1h 9m
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About the author

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Troubled by the futility of work and the stress corporate environments produce, I began my quest for answers in 2005, studying from and meeting Vedic spiritual masters from various lineages. My search for the secrets behind our consciousness and energy took me to lamas from Tibet and Qigong experts from China. I also became an international Reiki Master and a Mindfulness Coach.

Having served more than 1600 people across 23 locations in 4 continents, through workshops, training sessions, and counseling, I have distilled the most useful pieces of wisdom into the Programs you will listen to here. Enjoy!