How to Add Mindfulness to Your Productivity

When it comes to productivity, most of us are taught to think of a desirable outcome and then to take efficient action. But often, the excitement ends up fizzling out within a few days and you're back at square one feeling defeated. Why is productivity so hard? What's the trick to staying consistent? In this course, you'll learn why productivity fails and how you can start approaching it in a way that's more fulfilling and actually gets you the results you want.

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Many people feel discouraged or overwhelmed when trying to incorporate spiritual principles and mindfulness practices into their modern, busy lives. Francesca Phillip's goal is to make it approachable and doable so you can enjoy a more balanced and present life. She's a writer, podcaster, and entrepreneur with a background in Psychology and holds a deep curiosity about the human spirit. She founded The Good Space, an online spiritual community, to help bridge the gap through educational content and engaging conversations.