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Have you ever wondered how some people get so much more done? This course will teach you how to become one of those people. You will achieve more, become more focused, and also have more time for the people and things you enjoy! Ideas are easy to implement and will provide you with almost immediate results.

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Created by Barbara J. Bruno
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Barbara Bruno is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, mom, and dog lover. She has created over 15 courses for LinkedIn Learning and is passionate about helping people achieve their goals. Barb has created online training tutors utilized by over 30,000 users worldwide and created a Career Portal for Job Seekers. Kogan Page Publishing released her book High-Tech, High-Touch Recruiting in 2020. Her common sense, logical approach makes it easy to implement the ideas she shares. She had won numerous awards for her business and philanthropic endeavors and wants you to live the life you deserve!