How to Master Intentional Productivity

The goal of this course is to help you ace your work day, every day, by developing your intentional productivity practices. You'll learn how to improve your focus and get more meaningful work done, whilst also supporting your wellbeing.

This course provides practical ways to improve your productivity, working environment, work style, and workflow.

Topics include understanding the context you're working in, cycles of productivity, the different mindsets that help with focus, and other simple ways that you can prepare yourself for digital work and intentional productivity.

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Created by Michelle Bondesio
8 lessons
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About the author

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Michelle Bondesio is a business performance coach, writer, podcaster and the founder of Growth Sessions.

She helps people working in creative and digitally-focused industries to develop more mindful approaches to work, to support their creativity, productivity and wellbeing better.

Her talks, workshops, coaching programmes, and online training enable her clients to activate more of their business potential, manage their stress better, and build healthier cultures at work.