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Anime and Manga Appreciation

In this course, we are going to get into the fascinating world of anime and manga! I will be introducing you to anime and manga, it's Japanese connection, and more than anything, I will be sharing different categories of anime and manga with you in the form of reviews. By the end of this course, you are gonna know a lot about some fascinating stories, including plot (no spoilers), characters, creators, design, and music. Let's enjoy this together!

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About the author

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I am a designer, and I have always been attracted to everything related to this field, and anime is not an exception. I have been watching anime since I was a little child, without even knowing it was anime. I have always loved that type of animation and stories, and nowadays, I continue to watch them and share my opinion with friends and family. I also have a podcast channel and a new youtube channel dedicated mostly to anime or manga reviews. So far is my favorite way of entertainment, so I want to share it with a lot of people.