The Science of Learning

What do you want to learn? Regardless of the answer, this course will help you take control of your learning for the rest of your life. This course synthesizes the past several decades of learning research into digestible daily bits. As we grow up, we acquire learning habits that are ineffective or simply counter-productive to achieving our learning goals. This course is about structuring your own learning experiences to be more effective. Apply its lessons to your own practice, and you will find yourself learning more, learning more deeply, and learning more efficiently. Learning ain’t easy. This course makes it easier.

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Created by Benjamin Keep
10 lessons
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Benjamin Keep is a learning scientist who studies science. He works with citizen science projects, education technology firms, and schools to structure novel learning experiences and is currently working on a book about scientific problem-solving. He has a PhD in learning sciences from Stanford University and a JD from Cornell Law School. You can follow his work at On Medium, he is @benjamin.keep.