Setting Goals That Stick!

This course rolls out the no B.S. blueprint to setting goals that STICK! Dive deep and discover your "Why." Learn how to use your "Why" to set value-based goals that are aligned with your true self, build strategies for identifying and breaking down your unique barriers that have prevented your success in the past, and help you develop a step by a step road map to reach your most audacious goals. You are strong and capable of change. You have everything you need within yourself to be successful. This interactive course is just here to be your GPS.

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About the author

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Hey, I'm Dr. Heidi Cooke PT, DPT, ATC. Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Athletic Trainer, business owner, podcaster, and author.

I believe that everyone can live their happiest, healthiest life if they just have the confidence, knowledge, and skills in their back pocket.

That's exactly what I'm here to deliver. Health isn't one-dimensional, and I believe we need to address the whole puzzle to unlock our best selves. I'm also quite outspoken, big on dad jokes, and I love sharing my most authentic, messy, crazy life in order to debunk the myth that a healthy life needs to be perfect.