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Introduction to Voice-Over

Voice-over has become a popular career pursuit in recent years. This course, Introduction to Voice-Over, gives a comprehensive overview of the technique and the industry. You'll learn what types of voice-over there are, the life skills you need to bring to the job, and the technical skills and equipment that have become essential to the work. You'll also learn some voice-over reading styles and what it takes to move forward in the field.

Introduction to Voice-Over is for anyone interested in pursuing voice-over or just curious about this fascinating field that sits at the intersection of the advertising, entertainment, and educational industries.

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About the author

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For over three decades, Joe McNeil has been actively involved in the music and voice-over industries. Joe has worked with many respected voice-over artists and had the honor of working on the Warner-Blanc audio library of Mel Blanc's classic Looney Tunes voice characterizations.

Under the auspices of Marktree Productions, Joe has recorded and produced the audio for video games, toys, commercials, and e-learning programs. Joe also produces voice-over demos, directs voice-over classes, and teaches marketing for new voice talent.

Allison Moffett is an experienced recording engineer and audio producer who parlayed her experience behind the board into a successful career behind the mic. As a recording and mixing engineer, Allison has worked on music and voice-over projects. As voice talent, her credits include, Harley-Davidson, Mercedes-Benz, GameStop, Prudential, Johnson & Johnson, UNICEF, and many others. She has also voiced characters in several Anime series and video games. And she teaches voice-over classes and marketing techniques for new voice talent.