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How to Make a Podcast

This course is a quick technical guide on how to make a podcast, starting from the idea to what you need to buy (and what budget) and how to market and monetize it. This course uses real examples of the lecturer's experience podcasting and what is currently out in the podcast world.

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Created by Adam Yee
8 lessons
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Adam Yee created the platform My Food Job Rocks, a podcast that interviews experts in the food industry about their career path and thoughts on the future of food. Each episode contains a story of a professional in the food industry, whether food scientist, marketer, author, or CEO that helps show a pathway to how they got to where they are today. And no path is the same. My Food Job Rocks has over 240 episodes and gets around 5000 downloads monthly. Adam has a BS in food science from San Luis Obispo and also works as a food scientist at Motif Foodworks, which creates animal-free ingredients to enhance plant-based products.