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How Wall Street Impacts Your Life, and Can Help You Secure Your Financial Future

In this course, we will explore the world of investing. How it has changed over the past half-century. We will present some of the most important, free internet sites that you can use to give you the information needed to become a better investor. How Wall Street is constantly developing new and innovative products to help you achieve your investment goals. And finally, we will help you decide which style of investor you are. And what the best investment platform to fit your needs is. My mission is to help you become more knowledgeable and comfortable in the world of finance.

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For 49 years, I've been on Wall Street. I began as a cub broker with the venerable old firm: EF Hutton & Company. Since then I've worked in the back office, the bullpen, and even on the mahogany row. And I now can say categorically that this has been the most exciting, dynamic, and ever-changing place to spend a career. It's been a great time to be on "The Street."

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