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Simple Ways to Save and Build Wealth

Are you struggling to save money for your kids' college education? Do you wish you had the seed capital to launch a startup? Have your household expenses grown to the point where you can't afford to treat yourself to a weekly Starbucks caffe latte?  If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, this course is for you.

Simple Ways To Save And Build Wealth is a course designed to help you reduce everyday expenses, find hidden money and build wealth using simple but effective methods.  The lessons are grouped into three sections: (1) Finding Money, (2) Cutting Expenses, and (3) Building Wealth The Easy Way. When you complete this course, you will see ways to make money and build wealth in all aspects of your life.

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Mark Anthony Peterson is an author, serial entrepreneur (with a successful exit), podcast host, and a former Fortune 500 corporate executive. Currently, Peterson is the founder & CEO of Ziscuit, a reverse auction shopping platform where grocery stores bid to fulfill consumers' grocery lists.

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