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EPIC: A Climate Change Course

This course is designed to inform and educate people on Climate Change not from the mouth of a scientist but rather an impartial observer interested and educated in the topic. Often the issue is a hot political issue with vested interests duking it in media and social network platforms. This dilutes everything and makes it almost irrelevant to the average person. I present the most up-to-date science attempting to steer clear of biases. The course is designed for beginners and intermediate level students, though experts are welcome too!

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Created by Evgueni JC Goloubev
20 lessons
2h 25m
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Hello everyone, my name is JC and I'm originally from New York, USA. I am a critical thinker, nature lover, and science enthusiast. I always strive to acquire more knowledge and stay up to date with recent developments, especially in Climate Change and Astrophysics. The main reason I enjoy science is because it's a universal language that helps us to decode reality.