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Human Evolution: Learn Where You Come From

What makes our species special? Why are we the way we are? This course will tell the human story in all its wonder, from our humble origins as shrewlike organisms to the most powerful animals in history. Along the way, you'll learn about the evolved roots of our essential traits, such as our peculiar lack of body hair, our opposable thumbs, bipedalism, and, of course, our big brains. You'll also discover more about our relatives, from neanderthals to chimpanzees. Learn where you come from in this epic Listenable course.


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Created by Macken Murphy
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Macken Murphy is the host of Species, a weekly biology podcast that has received praise from Apple and the BBC’s Wildlife magazine. He has a degree in biological anthropology from Boston University, and he is an incoming graduate student in evolutionary anthropology at Oxford. He currently lives in Rhode Island, where he serves in the Americorps, helping teach science at an underserved middle school.