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Shaken, Not Stirred: The Unusual History of Fertility & Childbirth Practices

In this course on ancient fertility and childbirth practices, you will learn about the interesting methods ancient people used in determining fertility, caring for pregnancies, easing labor, and helping newborns. You’ll also learn about the many superstitions relating to fertility and childbirth, along with the demons that lurk in the birthing area waiting to pounce.

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Created by Melanie Dellas
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Melanie has been a historical researcher for over 20 years, and a museum professional for over 10. She has been honored as a Top 50 Woman-Owned Business and as a Woman of Vision in San Diego. Following her passion for historical research and honoring her graduate degree, she co-founded and is CEO of Muse Curatorial Consulting Group, which provides conservation and preservation for artifact collections. She is an author of historical fiction and nonfiction, and co-hosts, writes, and produces an unusual history podcast.