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The Golden Age of Science in the Arab Empire

The Arab Empire rapidly grew from its humble 7th-century origins to a colossus of intercontinental influence. And during its Golden Age, humanity's understanding of how the universe worked grew just as quickly. In this course, Brandon Peacock provides a snapshot of the cultural dynamics at play over the course of this era and will introduce you to the scientists of this region who paved the way for the Scientific Revolution of the Renaissance.

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I am a sociologist and an amateur historian. My undergraduate studies were focused primarily on the effects of religion on larger social trends throughout history. Because of that focus, combined with my personal interest in the history of science, I conducted multiple research projects while at the University of Arizona concerning social trends during the Reconquest. In addition, I am the co-host of the Dangerous World Podcast, where I consistently research revisionist history and discuss its validity with guests of disparate worldviews.