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History of the Merovingians (from 451 to 613)

Welcome to the Merovingian Dynasty, the first major French monarchy... and arguably the first major monarchy in Europe! My name is Benjamin Bernier, and I'll be leading you from the year 451 – about 25 years before the fall of the Western Roman Empire – until the year 613. The first of these dates marks the ascendance of the Merovingians and their first King, Merovech, as they fought at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains, and the second date marks the end of one of the most compelling Queens in world history: Brunhilda.

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My name is Benjamin Bernier, and I am the host of Thugs and Miracles, a podcast looking back at 1,500 years of history - from the fall of Rome until the fall of the guillotine - as seen through the eyes of the Kings and Queens of France. I have a passion for this time period and for translating – both literally and figuratively – ancient stories that have often fallen by the wayside.