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How to Create a Well-Structured Screenplay

Great movies don't just happen; they're crafted. By understanding the structure of great movies, you can write a great screenplay.

This course will teach you how to structure your story starting with a theme. Once you know your theme, you can easily define the actions and motivation of all your major characters: the hero, the villain, the mentor, and the ally. In addition, your theme defines how to create the best obstacles to challenge your hero and create an emotionally satisfying story.

The theme defines the foundation for telling a story through a great screenplay.

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Created by Wallace Wang
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Wallace Wang has written dozens of books including "Microsoft Office For Dummies," "Absolute Beginner's Guide to Computing," and co-authored "Breaking Into Acting for Dummies." He's spent a lifetime demystifying complicated topics to make them easy to understand for the average person. In addition, he's also written "The 15-Minute Movie Method," "Writing Scenes for Screenplays," and "How to Write a Great Script with Final Draft."

All of these books distill knowledge accumulated from studying movies from classics such as "Casablanca" and "It's a Wonderful Life" to modern-day blockbusters such as "WALL-E," "Pulp Fiction," and "Die Hard."