How to Reach Your Goals, Your Way!

This will be a practical course, based on Clifton's Strengths. In the end, you will understand how to (re)motivate yourself and to reach your goals, your way!

In each lesson, you will get a framework/formula to leverage your own talents by getting the biology work for you rather than against you.

The promise of the course is that you will have the tools to make better (life) decisions and productively apply your strengths to reach your goals, easier and faster!

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Created by Reindert Westrik
7 lessons
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About the author

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Reindert is one of the first and youngest certified Gallup coaches in the Netherlands. He is experienced in Design Thinking and Lean Start-up processes as is evidenced by his mastery of talent activation, team processes alignment, and start-up thinking boosts that constitute his advantage.

Reindert capitalizes on his strengths as a focused process supervisor to drive results. He is a restorative strategist who gets to the heart of a matter in order to provide thorough solutions that facilitate the process of transformation.

Reindert has supervised innovation prints/hackathons and was the lead organizer of Startup Weekend Zwolle (2018). He has also coached hundreds of people in various settings in the last 5 years.