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The Wisdom of Star Wars

In this course, we will explore some of the deeper ideas hidden in the Star Wars characters, and how that wisdom can apply to our lives. Star Wars was written with several Mythological influences and ideas that are spread throughout the films. Additionally, because the characters and situations are so exciting and compelling, there is much to learn from how they interact with their environment and with each other. Between all the psychology, myth, wisdom, humor, and redemption, there is much to think about from Star Wars that can be useful and important to our own lives.

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Hello, my name is Luke Mason. A few years ago I started a podcast called Really True Fiction where every episode I discuss a famous book or movie. This course grew out of that idea as Star Wars are movies I have loved as a child, and then started thinking more deeply about as I became an adult. Now I bring my education from philosophy and psychology to think about movies and books more deeply and from a different point of view.