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How to Become Friends with Your Money

In this brief course, you'll be taught how to develop positive thoughts about money, understand how money works and develop strategies so that you can thrive while achieving your short-term financial goals.

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Created by Pamela Nga
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As a little girl from Cameroon that grew up in a foreign county Tanzania in a middle-income family, the conversation about money was always meant to make us look small and seem like money was our enemy. I subconsciously grew up being afraid of money and believing I could never have enough.

In 2019, I came across financial literacy books such as "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, which prompted me to start the journey of changing my beliefs and rebuilding a healthy relationship with Money. This inspired me to start a podcast in May 2020, where I've had conversations with entrepreneurs in order to challenge my listeners to think bigger than their circumstances. This passion and journalist skills make me want to share practical steps and experiences with young people like me.

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