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Brain-Twisting Paradoxes

There are paradoxes in our world that are so complicated, they can make your brain change shape. This course covers ten of the most challenging, brain-twisting paradoxes, collected across thousands of years of history from our greatest minds. Some even seem impossible—or at least, they tell us just how truly difficult certain truths are to grapple with. Take the challenge! Not only will you come out having tackled some of the world’s most mysterious problems, you’ll think differently about the world and bring these skills into your daily life.

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Created by John Robin
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John Robin is an author and founder and senior editor of Story Perfect Editing Services. Driven by his passion to help self-publishing authors produce high-quality books, John continues to grow his company with editing, cover design, and other publishing services.

John is also a voracious reader of non-fiction, especially relating to book marketing and fiction craft or storytelling techniques. As an avid fantasy writer (A Thousand Roads, published June 2019), John also researches topics ranging from geography, history, science, biography, art, and generally any topic to make him a better world-builder.

John also loves math, since before John committed his path to editing and publishing, he worked in academia and had an opportunity to do research in the field of number theory.

When he’s not helping authors, working on his own fiction, or learning problems in mathematics, John spends time in the garden or playing piano. He keeps up a regular strength training and interval running routine and has even run a marathon in just over three and a half hours.