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Everyone Has a Podcast Now, So Why Not You, Too?

Podcasts are all the rage and it seems everyone has one these days. If you're thinking you want to join the podcast craze but are not sure how (or even what a podcast is), this course will take you through the basic steps you need to take to turn your idea into something other people will listen to.

Maybe you think your business needs a podcast as part of its marketing. Maybe you have a passion you want to explore in-depth. Whether for fun or as a way to earn money, you'll learn practical skills to get going, get answers to simple but necessary questions when starting, figure out if you want to do it all yourself and how to go about that, or how to team up with an experienced producer.

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Created by Mike Hanson
7 lessons
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I'm an award-winning radio and podcast producer. After nearly 20 years as an executive producer in BBC Radio, I set up Pod People Productions where I make a number of hit podcasts like Alien Nation with Jo Wood, Psycomedy with Nathan Cassidy, and ImPODster Syndrome with Nick Ede. I'm also a consultant to the London Podcast Show 2022.