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Understanding Your Brain

This course will give a broad introduction to the fundamentals of neuroscience, covering just what exactly the brain is, what it’s made of, and how its individual components work together to orchestrate the astonishing range of feats we experience every day.

We will begin by learning the grand anatomy of the brain, introducing each component part by part. Next, we will delve into the principles of neuronal communication, learning how information is transmitted in the form of electrical signals. We’ll then go on to explore how sensations from the outside world are experienced as perceptions and how our brain can generate movements in response.

To wrap up, we’ll touch on how we ourselves can influence our brain, both externally—with chemicals—and internally—via intentional thought patterns and an understanding of neuroplasticity.

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Hi! My name is Betsy Herbert, I’m a recent neuroscientist graduate from the University of Bristol. I’m eternally fascinated by the brain and the workings of our mind and am incredibly compelled by the idea of helping others understand it too. Alongside science, I have an intense passion for learning about the world in general and exploring the possibilities of knowledge dissemination via art, photography, graphic design, music and poetry.