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Getting Into the Human Mind with Psycho-Pass

Hello everyone! In this lesson, I am going to tell you about Psycho-Pass which is a great psychological, crime, and cyberpunk type of story. A psychological story focuses mainly on the state of mind of the characters or at least of the protagonist. It's mainly about the character's traumas, their personalities, and how some events or thoughts can affect the people in question.

Now, what is our story about?

The story centers in a futuristic Japanese context where everything especially the Security System is built around a super biomechanical computer System called the Sibyl System, that is is used to measure the crime coefficient of the citizens, meaning, the criminal potential of the person. So when a person surpasses a certain level they are to be dealt with in different ways depending on the crime coefficient level, so they can be arrested or punished by a Special department similar to the police you could say that is in charge of these cases. And our protagonist Tsunomori Akane is gonna be our main character being the inspector of this department. Here Inspectors have a partner called Enforcer who is a latent criminal in charge of protecting their inspectors. And so Akane alongside her team and especially her partner Kogami Shinya is gonna be solving mission after mission, that seems like the normal job till these missions seem to be connected to something else, leading her into more trouble and uncovering things she did not expect.

So, Psycho pass is actually a complicated story since there are a lot of things that are discovered little by little, not only about the different cases, and the criminals, but also about that society and their rules and how it works and also because of all the different perspectives characters give about the system. But, things are explained along the way at their own time.

Now, regarding the characters of this amazing story, they are really great characters with a variety of personalities. So first of all we have our female protagonist Tsunomori Akane is a young woman who seems tiny and kind and is the rookie inspector so at first glance she doesn't seem like the perfect fit for the task but oh boy! She is a great inspector with different thinking about the Psycho-Pass and I think that most of the characters realize that after a few chapters. In contrast with her, her partner Kogami Shinya is super serious, tall, strong, and more driven to be violent since he is already a latent criminal after all.

We also have the rest of the team formed by more inspectors and enforces and of course some people in charge of the technology and scientific area as well. And also the criminals that are presented in the story are really intelligent and insane minds difficult to catch. I can say we really have great villains for this story which are gonna give a difficult time to the inspectors.

Most of our characters have great character development which is something I really appreciate, and also this story has great character design, the art style is really good, it's good looking and serious at the same time and the animation style is also great. The environment is futuristic and also kind of dark, so it really has the atmosphere for the cyberpunk concept. Cyberpunk, similar to science fiction but deals in a futuristic dystopian environment with advanced technology.

And is an anime produced by Production I.G Studio, written by Gen Urobuchi, and the design was made by Akira Amano. Later on, a manga was created as well. It seems the series is not finished yet and so far it has two seasons and three movies so far. Throughout all these materials other characters start being more important so there are a lot of changes but the concept stays the same and the storyline is constant and always exciting. And lastly, regarding the music of the anime, it is fantastic, especially if you are into dark j-pop, rock and also ballads style of music, all being kind of dark, sad and strong depending on the moment. Also, I loved all the openings and endings especially the opening for Season 2 which is Enigmatic Feeling by (Rin Toshite Shigure) Ling Tosite Sigure.

Ok, so I hope that was not very complicated. This has been everything for this lesson. I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to the next one. Thank you for listening and talk to you later, bye-bye.