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Let's Listen to Music with Idolish7!

Hello everyone! Have you wondered if there are anime about music? Well, there are a lot! Whether it is rock music, classical music, or pop music, there are anime that are about bands, singers, and other types of artists and their respective artistic fields as well. So now, we are gonna be talking about Idols with Idolish7! So first of all, an idol is a common figure in some parts of Asia where they have an idol culture so of course here we are referring to Japan but the basics apply to some other countries as well. So usually the time is a group or couple but it can also be a solo entertainer. They also sing and dance and they entertain the public a lot. In contrast with western singers, they entertain the public in different ways, conversations, jokes, cute and sexy acting, and things of that sort. Most of them go also into a lot of variety shows, dramas or movies, fan-sign events, and other things, so they are admired almost as perfect figures kind of. So Idolish7! Is a music and rhythm type of story that is about idols and it is also a comedy and drama type of story.

So this anime is based on a story type of video game. It is about seven guys that are the members of the new idol group which is gonna be Idolish7! So because this is based on an Otome type of game which is a game that is made for girls and so the story is full of handsome guys that care for the protagonist who is almost the only female, so our female protagonist is the manager of the Group and the story starts with her arriving at the Company to meet the guys and she is in charge of managing this idol group. So from the first episode, every character kind of marks its own personality, and each of them has a secret or trouble that no one knows. So from here on, they are gonna start knowing each other and other groups as well, while growing as an idol group.

So this story is full of comedy but also has a lot of drama since a lot of serious issues are going on. Some characters have more complex issues than others and every character starts relating to the other or was already related to another character and we end up with a lot of important characters that are connected through different circumstances. This story deals with family issues, health issues, friendships, promises, money issues, and more than anything it focuses a lot on the hardships of being an idol and that industry.

Now getting into our characters there are way too many characters, I am just gonna mention the more protagonist ones. First, we have an important character that so far has not appeared in the anime and is Zero, a legendary who disappeared, and now a lot of idols want to surpass him.

Now for the characters that are present, first we have the manager of the new idol group, who In the video game would be the player but here is Tsumugi. She is a cute and small girl who is very kind and that is being a manager for the first time. She is also really straightforward when needed and cares for her group more than anyone.

Now the more protagonist group of course is idolish7! and there we have Riku who is the center, he has a great sweet voice and is super cute but has some issues with performing and he is trying to find out why his brother abandoned him. For the rest of the members of the group we have more serious characters, sweet ones, funny ones and so on everyone has a unique aspect to their personality.

And then we have Ten, the center of one of the most popular groups at the time Trigger that is formed by three guys. So Ten in contrast with Riku, expresses himself in a colder way, is more serious, is really intelligent, and is really arrogant as well. But he is one of the most passionate idols who always want to give everything to his fans.

So this story is based on the Japanese video game which is a rhythm game created by Bandai Namco Online and on animation we have a complete season one and a Season 2 going on and is made by Studio Troyca and we have some special episodes that are from the manga that was created as well. I like that the animation is so well done, and the game as well. I like the format being I colors like every character is identified with a color red, blue, light pink, fussy, orange, silver, etc. and we also get a mascot yeiiii is a bunny that is really cute.

And of course one of the things I enjoy the most is the music since we get different styles depending on the group and so far in the anime we there are three groups, Idolish7, Trigger, and Revale. Also, there are music videos of some of the songs of these groups that appear on the video game and are available on YouTube as well. And a couple of them are presented in the opening and the ending of the anime like Wish Voyage by Idolish7 and Heavenly Visitor by Trigger.

So… this was everything for Lesson 12, I hope you enjoyed it a lot and look forward to our last lesson, Lesson 13. Thank you so much for listening and talk to you later, bye-bye.