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Soul Eater, a Dark Fantasy Anime

Hello everyone, welcome to this lesson! Today I am gonna be talking about Soul Eater which is a great anime one of my favorites actually and it is also a shounen, but the main protagonist is actually a girl and a boy the two of them and in difference from the last lesson, Soul eater is a dark fantasy type of story with a lot of dark comedy as well.

So what is our story about?

So first of all our story is set in a world with witches, magical creatures and assassins and also I guess normal people and it centers on an academy the Death Weapon Meister Academy who basically is an academy for people that has the ability to transform into weapons and the people who can use them which are the meisters. Here the weapons and their meister need to collect the souls of evil humans who they fight in missions in order to get stronger but everything starts getting more dangerous and complicated as an evil person starts planning to free the evilest person who has sealed years ago and goes as far as to do dark experiments with others in order to achieve her goals.

So the main topic of our story is actually madness and fear since in this world a little bit of madness is necessary in order to fight but also having fears is important in order to not go completely mad. It is actually quite a complicated story because from the very beginning is impossible to understand where the story is going, we don't really see a main objective or conflict except for the students of this academy trying to find as many souls as possible in order to feed their weapons and level up into the most powerful and useful type of weapon which is a death scythe.

So the beginning of the story is more about presenting the main characters to us which I have to say I really like the characters of this story not only the protagonist but a lot of characters as super cool. First of course we have our protagonist combo which is Maka, a female student that is meister, and Soul, her partner weapon, that is a guy that transforms into a scythe.

They really complement each other really well. Maka is more of a model student, she is super disciplined and serious and righteous and on the other hand, Soul is more of a relaxed fellow who goes with the flow and might be seen as someone who doesn't care much about others but he does care especially about his partner Maka.

Actually is similar for the other characters as well in the sense that the other important characters just as Maka as soul, complement each other really well. We have a meister who is really loud and extroverted while his partner weapon is a really quiet and sweet girl that transforms into different ninja weapons, and our final protagonist character who is the son of the director of the academy and is really a perfectionist and extravagant person that has two girls that are sisters as his weapons that are a couple of pistols.

As I mentioned before we have a lot of amazing characters, crazy and intelligent characters, funny characters, and of course the villain character who is really an amazing villain who gives a lot of suspense and drama to our story.

In general, we can see great character development as the character grow and learn a lot in order to improve themselves and also the story even though might seem confusing as the story flows everything is explained and so we get a story that is well made from beginning to end. Soul Eater is a manga created by Atsushi Okubo and Studio Bones was in charge of the anime production which has around 50 episodes, and I have to say that both are amazing. The anime was ended first than the manga so the story is a little different towards the end but in both the anime and the manga the story Is great with really good endings kind of bittersweet type of ending, the conflicts were solved well and so is a story that I enjoyed a lot from beginning to end In both versions. Also, the art style is great, the design of the characters as well, we have a lot of contrasting strong colors and everything is made with think and strong lines, even the environments have like this strong lines as well so have a lot of expressions, I mean even the moon has a face in this anime. On the other hand, the fighting scenes are amazing. And of course, the music is amazing as well I loved both of the opening songs for the anime the first one Resonance by T.M. Revolution and the second one Paper Moon by Kawase Tomoko in a rock, j-pop style but with a dark vibe that is really cool and I also love the opening because they do not show literal scenes of the anime but just presents the characters and the story in general.

Ok, so this is it for Lesson 3. I really hope you enjoyed it a lot and look forward to Lesson 4. Thank you for listening and talk to you later, bye-bye.