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How Vibes Get Us When We’re Not Looking

Now that you understand all vibes are pure energy, let me give you another perspective. Let's say in the example of the previous lesson, I examined my Present emotion – that is the in the fourth column – as anger. Wouldn't that mean I'm angry for a long time? And could it also mean that I am bottling up anger without releasing it? Most would agree, yes.

Expecting you to agree too, let me demonstrate to you, what this does. Imagine you're holding a glass with some water in it, and you ask your friend how heavy that is. Your friend might throw a number at you, say 300 grams. Then you ask, well, if I held it this way for an hour? Now your friend understands that it is not the absolute weight that's important… it is the duration… because an hour later, the same glass would feel like a really heavy burden.

And what if you held it in the same position the whole day? Chances are you will be in a sling the next day, right?

Now coming back to anger, if we do not express it, or convert it, we are holding on to it like you held onto the glass. And it could manifest as a body pain or a headache. If, like your hand, we do not move it or place the glass on a table for a while, the held anger could turn into an ulcer. These manifestations are just as physical as the sling we talked of a minute ago. And it could go on, left unattended, developing into tumor, and even cancer.

So, the monitoring of emotions is important. And equally important is to change them as we go about our day. According to kinesiological studies conducted by Dr. David Hawkins, who developed the vibratory scale of human consciousness, low energy emotions are like shame, blame, despair, regret, fear, craving, anger, and scorn. They suck energy out of us. But there are other emotions that drive energy into us, which include affirmation, trust, optimism, forgiveness, understanding, love, serenity, and bliss. You can read about this and see the scale at

The key is to attempt to return to one of the higher vibratory states - as soon as one can - during the 4-hour tracking period. By design. By choice. By habit.

And how does one make that habit, you ask? Well, I'd urge you to start with the first emotional level above the line… affirmation. Affirmation comes from a feeling of courage to stand up and look our emotions in the eye. And it is accompanied by a world view of feasibility. That it is feasible to move up to higher vibes, and we not only are capable of taking ourselves there, we even deserve to be there.

Trust that can be done, and you will find you are moving up the ladder of consciousness automatically. Because trust is at the next level. This is only happens with conscious choice. And the aspect that coerces you into making those choices is your documentation of them. Every four hours. This is why the habit of writing your sheet is important. Do it for at least 3 weeks.

In the next lesson, we will learn a powerful technique for creating internal harmony as we practice this. The parrot technique. Be sure you continue to record your emotions in your sheets in the meanwhile.

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Sandeep Nath