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Aligning Energies with Your Personal Parrot

As we continue to speak of the energies of Body, Mind, and Spirit, here's something worth remembering. Words are the commands of our thoughts. For example, I can sit here and talk for hours, and nobody will move. But if I utter the words "I want water," maybe my wife will get me a glass, right?

So, if my words can move her, imagine how much more they can move me!

The words we use, the self-talk we indulge in, can either propel us to achieve what we want… or equally easily detract us from getting there. So be careful in what you say. Because that is what your ego is allowing to pass through your lips.

And to keep that ego in check, here is a simple tool. I call it the Parrot.

Can you imagine a parrot sitting on your shoulder? Yes? Good… now imagine that every time you want to express a thought, the parrot butts in first and asks you, 'Is that what you want?' And then you voice it only if your answer is a definite, 'Yes.' Yes, that is precisely what I want. Express it only if you mean it from your heart. If your answer is 'No, or unsure,' don't say it. Don't make a sound.

To be sure, imagine that your parrot continues to ask, 'Then why do you say it?'. If you feel that the thought is not really what you want, let this second question shut you up. Don't fool yourself… because if you do, you will only sabotage yourself.

Let me give you an example. Many times you might have heard people saying silly things like, 'Wow, now I am going to be in trouble.' If their parrot had asked them, 'Is that what you want?' they would probably have said 'no!' But since they don't have that self-check mechanism, they actually do get into trouble. The universe obliges their word-commands, and then they wonder why it doesn't have their back!

Mind training is all about arriving at harmony. The mind is like a garden. We plant into it the weeds of murder, deception, and rape – from the TV and newspaper – and expect roses of compassion and love to blossom. Is there a chance? Switch off your TV, cancel the paper. You will still know what you need to, trust me. What is important is that you will always respond in harmony with your true nature, rather than from your past conditioning or social correctness.

Your parrot will teach you how to tell the difference. You will begin to notice how often your responses are based on other people's biases. Now let me spend a minute on what this harmony is about.

I call it the Say-Do-Be harmony, which in a sense is the harmony of mind, body, and spirit itself. Saying is a manifestation of thought, or the mind. Doing is action, a bodily function. And Being is related to the feelings we have deep inside, which are our energy form. This alignment, therefore, will propel your life into a natural bliss. And you will feel it in your energy.

You will not perceive internal conflict. You will feel guided. Your round pegs will fall into round holes and square pegs into square ones. The absence of internal fight will foster an absence of external fights… making relationships better.

Just one parrot with 2 lines will make all of this happen for you. With some practice, of course!

And as we've moved to this subject of relationships, let's get into the next lesson and take a deep dive into that. Our relationships, after all, consume a huge amount of our energy, don't they?

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Sandeep Nath