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Success, What It Is and How to Achieve It: How Life Works

This lesson is a part of an audio course Success, What It Is and How to Achieve It by Scott F. Paradis

Let's go on a journey together.

Picture yourself comfortably reclining in a first-class seat of an airliner. You have as your goal to travel to an exotic location for the vacation of a lifetime. You are relaxed, carefree, and happy. You are excited. You anticipate sun and fun, laughs, and adventure – the time of your life. Your entire trip has been effortless and trouble-free. You are on your way, and sure to arrive soon.

At any point along the way, from the beginning of your journey to your arrival at your exotic destination, have you needed to know how the transportation functions?

Do you need to know how an engine works in order to drive your car?

Do you need to know how the train operates to board it?

Do you need to know how the plane stays aloft to fly in it?

You don't need to know how all the vehicles work. You only need to connect with the vehicle in ways that move you toward your destination. You need faith, courage, and motivation – if you apply these, the vehicles will carry you to where you want to go.

So it is with life. Life works when you do. You don't need to know how life works, just that life does work. Sprinkle in a dose of faith, a dose of courage, and adequate motivation, and you have all you need.

However; remember those excuses I mentioned in session two – what I called my "big four" excuses?

I'm not capable.

I haven't done what I need to do.

The time and circumstances aren't right.

Or – the big one: It's not meant to be.

If you're like me; and still struggling to overcome ego, fear is a factor. Fear, being the social fellow that it is, invites doubt and opens the door to judgment, blame, and causes resistance. To optimize our advance, we've got to deal with fear. So, in an effort to quell fear, let's explore how life works.

What would you consider an absolute – a foundational element of this reality?

You might automatically think: death and taxes – those are absolutes; but consider for a moment something more fundamental.

Everything "out there," everything we experience with our senses, is energy. Energy is in constant motion. Energy and change are absolutes. Everything we observe is energy in some form. We are navigating this ocean of energy, which operates in a discernable way. The universe – life – adheres to what we describe as laws.

Every "thing" on earth conforms to the law of gravity. Gravity is a rule of the game. While we might complain about the existence of gravity; like when the bathroom scale offers its reading; we cannot ignore gravity.

Another truth: our world operates in defined cycles: the rotation of the earth; our orbit around the sun; the rhythm of seasons. Life operates within cycles of growth, maturity, decline, and transition. We cannot escape cycles.

For our purposes of succeeding, let's talk about the laws of life, or rules of the game that matter most – how life works.

I'll begin with a caution. People expend an exorbitant amount of energy attempting to evade the law. Ever in search of a shortcut, people chase after what appears to be an exception to the rule, only to find the law stands firm.

Here are three rules of life we most often and most painfully attempt to ignore:

First: Life intends to grow.

Life is an ever-expanding proposition. Your reason for being is to grow, to become, to contribute. Resisting growth or failing to move forward are just painful. Life requires growth. And we human beings don't like change.

The second of our three rules we try to dodge: Thoughts become things.

Thought is energy, a powerful, creative form of energy. Within the mind resides the power to create the circumstances and experiences of life. What people think about begins to take shape. Most people, unaware of this reality or unwilling to put forth effort, refuse to think.

And finally, our third rule: You receive in proportion to what you give.

We human beings are "path of least resistance" creatures. We most often choose the easy way over the hard way; even if the easy way doesn't take us to where we want to go. We constantly complain and fail to realize to get, we must give; we must put forth effort. We receive in proportion to the value we create. We cannot reap what we have not sown.

These are the laws. This is how life works. Life is a constant struggle for those who disregard the law. But it need not be so difficult.

Grow by focusing your thoughts and taking action to add value. Once you contribute, you receive what you're due.

The laws of life do not discriminate; they work for everyone. Attempting to not comply invites pain. Don't ignore the law; live by it.

Let's dig a little deeper into the power of thought. We know thought is energy. Look around you. Virtually everything you observe is there as the result of thought. Through, we create stuff. Thought influences and acts on the mysterious everything. Thought is a cause. And thought always produces an effect. Thoughts literally become things.

Remember, the million-dollar question is not: Will I succeed? It is: What will I succeed at? You'll succeed at what you think about; and what you are motivated to move toward.

For you to achieve anything in life, you must first determine what you want, and then apply the energy necessary to realize that thing. Most people are undisciplined and unknowledgeable when it comes to thought. They don't even realize they have the controls. So instead of going somewhere specific, somewhere worthwhile, most people are buffeted around by circumstance. Unable to control their minds – their thoughts – people create all kinds of chaos. Much of it they regret, because their thoughts are not in concert with the main aim of life: to grow.

By squandering thoughts, people unwittingly resist the advance of life. They resist opportunities to grow, opportunities to create, and opportunities to become. If you move in the right direction, you are a success. You are meant to succeed.

Think of what you want in this way. Imagine you are looking at a reflection of yourself in a mirror. Consider that image, the fullest and best expression of the person you yearn to become and know you can be; beautiful and confident, capable and strong, prosperous and joyful – the ideal you. The person you know, in your heart, you are destined to be. Now move closer to the mirror. You have physically closed the distance between you and the mirror. What happens to your image – the reflection of the ideal you? That image moves closer to you. That's how life works. What you want, wants you – for better or for worse. Choose wisely.

Here's a simple formula: Ask, Find What Works, Do What Works, Repeat.

Think, choose wisely, put forth some effort; then repeat. Know the rules of the game and play to win. You're destined for a spectacular life!

Lesson seven cuts to the chase. Let's talk some more "how-to" there.

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Written by

Scott F. Paradis