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How to Be Good at Stress

Stress is bad for your health, right? In fact, stress is a lot like blood pressure: Too high is bad for your health, too low is bad for your health, and the only time you have none is when you’re dead. Research indicates that stress is actually related to having meaning and purpose in your life. In this course, you’ll spend ten days transforming your relationship with stress. Practical exercises will help you build resilience by purposefully challenging yourself through good stress, re-channel anxiety into excitement, and rest and recover effectively. Are you ready to be good at stress?

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Dr. Kimberlee Bethany Bonura promotes health and exercise behaviors within a framework of evidence-based recommendations and realistic changes that are fun and manageable to implement. Dr. Bonura develops self-help fitness and wellness programs informed by science to help individuals build their best lives.

Dr. Bonura earned her PhD in educational psychology, with a research emphasis in sport and exercise psychology, from Florida State University. Her doctoral dissertation won national awards from the American Psychological Association and the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. She has served as a faculty member at Florida Southern College, the United States Military Academy—West Point, and the State University of New York—New Paltz. She is currently a professor for the Great Courses, a faculty member at Walden University, and a Continuing Education provider for the University of Denver.

As an exercise scientist and faculty mentor, Dr. Bonura’s primary research areas include the psychological benefits of mindfulness practices, exercise for special populations, and strategies that facilitate health behaviors. As an applied practitioner, Dr. Bonura has over two decades of applied experience as a yoga and mindfulness instructor, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor. She is an experienced-registered yoga teacher with The Yoga Alliance and a certified yoga therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.