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Code Geass an Amazing Mecha and Strategy Style of Anime

Hello everyone! Let's talk about a story with cool Mechas and strategies. Code Geass. So, the term Mecha refers to a giant robot that is controlled by a person, so this category usually involves a lot of fights using these Mechas. Our story is also a military fiction and an alternative history type, in a setting where the world is basically dominated by three powerful say nations, which are Britannia, The Asian Federation, and the European Union.

Now continuing into our story, it starts after Britannia has taken over Japan and has named that territory Area 11. So our protagonist Lelouch vi Britannia is an exiled prince of Britannia who along with her sister Nunally was sent to Japan as a kid before Britannia invaded Japan. So after the invasion, Lelouch promise to take over Britannia someday, in order to build a better world for Nunally his sister and also avenge her since she loses her sight and ability to walk due to other family issues from the past, so he set his goal hoping to achieve it with the help of his best friend a Japanese guy called Suzaku Kururugi. But seven years later when Lelouch is already in high school encounters a mysterious girl called C.2 who gives him a Geass that is supernaturally powerful and so Lelouch gains the ability to make people follow his command when he says an order looking to their eyes. And with this power, he is gonna start leading people into the rebellion, with his own strategies and terrorist attacks disguising himself and being called Zero, getting into military and political conflicts while uncovering the mysteries of his power.

Ok, so from this point our story really begins, getting more complicated as it progresses and getting a lot of characters into the story. So of course our story goes around Lelouch and C.2 since they are a team. Lelouch was a prince of Britannia and was Lelouch vi Britannia but after the invasion, he goes by Lelouch Lamperouge. He is super intelligent and likes to be by himself but he is actually really popular at school, but he is also the leader of the rebellion so this gives him a double life. On the other hand, his partner C.2 is a really quiet girl, really pretty and really serious who seems emotionless but she has her exceptions of Lelouch.

And then probably the other most protagonist character would be Suzaku, Lelouch Best friend, who in contrast with Lelouch is really athletic and energetic.

We get a lot of other characters like Nunally who is always there being the inspiration for Lelouch and other characters that frequent Lelouch school, characters that are part of the rebellion, and characters who are from the other powerful territories. So all these characters are important since all of them play a role in the conflicts, and of course, this makes our story more complex and also more emotional since all characters go through different changes and troubles. Also, another point that makes this story really complicated is following all the strategies that are made by the other territories and especially the strategies made by Lelouch. But all of it is explained, but kind of fast and in the middle of dynamic fights with mechas. The action scenes with the mechas are fast and very fluid and really intense and cool fights and fortunately, each one of them gets like a representative color which makes it easier to differentiate them.

So this story was a project created by Sunrise Studio under the direction of Goro Taniguchi and written by Ichiro Okouchi. And what refers to the design, it was made by Clamp. So the design of the characters really shows the art style of Clamp which is kind of tall and thin people some of them looking kind of delicate. Regarding the music, it fits very well the concept of the story just as the openings, my favorite being O2 by Orange rage.

The anime has two seasons and a movie that is an alternate ending. Also, it got a lot of light novels, games, and as well is an amazing story from beginning to end, where even though it is complicated everything is explained and is well closed.

So, this was everything for this lesson, I really hope you enjoyed it and look forward to the next one. Thank you for listening and talk to you later. Bye, bye!