Author Photo Joined in 2021

Sabrina Pierotti

Ever since she was a little girl, Sabrina has felt an inner drive within her to constantly better herself mentally, physically and spiritually. She wanted to know how to live her best life! That natural, innate drive within her sparked into a podcast that she created and has hosted since 2018 named Cultivating Curiosity, where Sabrina interviews people from all walks of life and shares their wisdom on how they live their best lives every day. Sabrina has always felt she was meant to share wisdom with the world, and she is grateful for the podcasting platform to do that!

When Sabrina is not podcasting, she is working a full-time job as a buyer for a large off-price retailer in the US. She also likes to keep busy doing voiceover work, specifically lending her voice to commercials for TV, Radio, and Podcasts!

Sabrina lives with her fiance, Kyle, in New Jersey and is excited to welcome a new family member 2021... a PUG!