Ten Steps to Better Relationships

Healthy, connected relationships are the backbone of a happy life. Whether it’s with family, friends, coworkers, or lovers, human connection is what brings vitality and meaning to life. This ten-lesson crash course will provide you with powerful, actionable, research-backed skills to help you connect better with others, improve your communication, avoid or quickly resolve arguments, boost your charisma, and much more.

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Created by Michael S. Sorensen
10 lessons
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Michael S. Sorensen is a best-selling, award-winning author and marketing executive by day and an avid reader, researcher, and personal development junkie by night. Obsessed with finding the best principles and practices for living a rich, fulfilling, and connected life, he seeks out and experiments with new and interesting ideas to discover what actually works.

Having benefited from years of mentoring from coaches, counselors, and executives (and the wisdom of countless self-help books), he’s set out to share his explorations, insights, and discoveries with others.