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Coping with Loneliness in the Modern World

Loneliness is the epidemic of today’s world. Most of us feel lonely at some point in time, so is it okay to be lonely? This course will give you an insight into what loneliness really is and why it’s actually not okay to live a “lonely” life. It also provides practical measures that you can depend on to cope with loneliness and ultimately, overcome it.

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Created by Sonia Chauhan
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Hi, my name is Sonia. I have a deep love for human psychology, i.e. understanding why we do what we do. I am a full-time lawyer. As part of my work, I usually meet people who are battling big issues in life. Over the years, I have realized my life’s purpose: to help others find peace by understanding the psychology behind our mental makeups. It’s only when we know our real selves that we can reconcile with our existence. I want every person in the world to be connect with their inner selves so they can make better decisions and enjoy fulfilling lives.