The Healthy Family vs. the Dysfunctional Family

What is "family"? What is a "healthy family" compared to a "dysfunctional family"? The course will describe the 8 characteristics that separate these two. It will help you both clearly understand your family AND what you need to do to fix your family from now on…if it needs it.

Are you concerned about how your family of origin shaped you? Do you wonder if your current family is the best it can be for you and your children? Clear answers await. There is hope no matter how far down your family has gone. Or perhaps you just want to fine tune your family. Help is herein.

12 lessons
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About the author

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Dr. Anthony Dallmann-Jones is a counselor, professor, artist, and author of 15 books, including:

• "How to Connect with Students At-Risk"

• "Resolving Unfinished Business – The Effects of Being Raised in a Dysfunctional Environment"

• "Personal and Professional Transformation"

• "Kill Stress Before It Kills You"

• "The Last Diet Book"

• "Crabapple – A True Story of Hope & Miracles"

Dr. Dallmann-Jones is currently a professor and Director of At-Risk and Alternative Education Program at Marian University.

He is intrigued with the power of the family and its power in shaping us, and what can we do to change the trajectory of our lives if we wish to do so.