Kevin Ahern's Guide to Getting Into Medical School

The course is based on a book I co-wrote called "Kevin and Indira's New Guide to Getting Into Medical School" and its aim is to take students through the confusing pathway leading to medical school. Segments provide strategic guidance to students. They include advice on university work, getting relevant experience, the application process, personal statements, MCAT, the all important interview. There's also a discussion of appropriate conduct during the overall process.

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Created by Kevin Ahern
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Kevin Ahern is a Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry/Biophysics from Oregon State University. He served OSU students for over 20 years as a pre-med advisor and has mentored hundreds of them through the medical school process. He is the author of numerous textbooks on biochemistry and is co-author of the very popular "Kevin and Indira's New Guide to Getting Into Medical School." His teaching has been recognized nationally as a two-time runner-up for the prestigious Cherry Award given by Baylor University to the top instructional professors in all fields.