Communication Skills

How to Present Like a Professional Speaker

"Occasional" speakers – often experts in their respective fields, or senior staff in an organisation, are often asked to make a presentation at a conference or meeting. If that's you (or might be you in the future), then the goal of this course is to provide you with the guidance you need to present in a confident and engaging way.

There are a few big – huge mistakes that most non-professional speakers make… the elimination of which would see your efforts far better received by the audience. This course will give you the pitfalls to avoid and the "Must Do's" before, during, and after your talk. It will also provide some platform hacks, tricks of the trade, and hints/tips to increase your ability to engage, inform, motivate, and entertain an audience…

…and leave them wanting more!

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Created by Andy Edwards
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About the author

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Andy Edwards is a motivational speaker with 25 years' experience. He is respected internationally for his presentations about relationships and behavioural psychology – and has spoken to audiences of up to 6,000 people.

As an author, he has written a bestselling introduction to psychometrics: "Why Can't People Be More Like Me?!" and the critically acclaimed: "LEADERSH*T – what your followers really think of your leadership – and how to change their minds."

He created the "Relationomics" approach to business – which leverages relationships as the main currency of commerce, and founded the "YOO" personal development methodology in the UK.

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