Authentic Project Learning Experiences: How to Level-Up Your Classroom Pedagogy

In this course, you will begin your journey of authentic project learning experiences (APLEs). Throughout the offered lessons, you will engage with writing an APLE question, aligning your APLE to your standards and developing possible interdisciplinary APLE connections through the five stages of project assessment, creating connections between your APLE and your community, as well as with technical experts, designing appropriate formative assessments that can include technology connections, as well as enhancing essential skills in your learners to develop leaders for tomorrow.

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Created by Dayna Laur
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Dayna Laur is the co-founder of Project ARC, an educator professional development company focused on connecting teachers with community partners to develop authentic project learning experiences (APLEs). She is the author of multiple books on authentic learning and keynotes on the topic frequently. Dayna is finishing her doctoral dissertation in Instructional Systems Design and Technology. Her research is focused on the impact that technical experts have on providing feedback to teachers and learning in an APLE.